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The Sims Superstar 1.8 is the sixth expansion released for The Sims
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The Sims Superstar 1.8 is the sixth expansion released for the PC version of the popular strategy simulation game The Sims. In The Sims Superstar we will be able to become famous and to manage to get to the top of Studio City.
The famous people that appear in this game are Avril Lavigne, Andy Warhol, Christina Aguilera. You will also work with some of them. Other not famous characters, but known by The Sims fans are the characters of the Glamour family , who usually visit Studio City. Other amusing characters, called I Want and I Cannot are people who have not been able to get to a worthy place in the scale of fame, but who usually visit Studio City in search of autographs or to find a famous character. On the whole it contains more than 150 new articles, some of them are the parabolic antenna, the karaoke, the oxygen production company machine, the flight simulator of parachuting, the music studio and the aquarium.

In the clothes section, new and expensive costumes have been added.

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